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Conscious Consumerism

‘Back in the day, conscious consumerism was the only way’

There was a time when our parents, grandparents and family before them, bought and created things to last and stand the test of time. There were no plastic bags, clothing was bought and made locally, as was fresh produce, nothing was flown in from thousands of miles away. When things were broken, they got mended, clothes were past down from sibling to sibling, unfortunate if you were the youngest like me but so be it. There was no fast fashion, just style, class and a sense of pride in their purchase and possession. Each purchase supported a friend, a small family from town, real people who put pride into everything they make, whether it be bread, jewellery or the shoes on their feet, they did it right. Let’s hope we can get back to those same values again soon, supporting small business and buying ethical is what the world needs right about now.

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