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Recent events have highlighted again the importance to make a stand against racism, oppression and inequality, therefore we at VOS fully support the BLM movement.

One of the best ways to support is to shop at black owned vegan businesses and as markets near a return to London, we thought it would be good to highlight 10 black owned vegan market stall holders you’re likely to find on the scene.

Please find below:

  1. Osu Coconuts –
  2. Jaels Market –
  3. K & R London –
  4. Life of a Tree –
  5. Rainforest Creations –
  6. Sun Kissed Plates –
  7. Treats Club –
  8. Renees Kitchen –
  9. Ocean Gifts –
  10. Ethcs –

Kindly give all of these magnificent traders a follow and keep an eye out for their whereabouts and show them some love, whether it be a market, shop, event or online.

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